• Fix generation of TS profobuf library !213


Fixed defects:

  • Read package implementation version in Swift (!211)


This is a major release with the following highlights:

  • Completely new proto message structure is defined (#193)
  • Generated code for the new protocol is provided in Java, Swift, C#, Typescript and Python
  • The new protocol is structured in requests and responses:
    • Requests:
      • The SessionMetadata allows the API user to configure the movement analysis session
      • The AnalysisInput provides input data to be analysed
    • Responses:
      • ImageAnalysisResult contains all information that is directly related to the image such as pose, metric values or the session state.
      • ActivityResultContainer holds the information if an activity occurred, where an activity could for example be a repetition.
      • FeedbackResult provides feedback that can be communicated with the user.
  • The connection handling is removed from this package


New features:

  • The deprecated event onImageInterpolatedResponse is no longer called.


New features:

  • Return additional field updated_relevant_body_point_types with image response. This field updates which body points are relevant for this exercise, i.e. can be useful in sideways exercises. (!196)

Package updates:

  • Swift: Update the package swift-nio-http2 to version 1.7.1 (!195)


New features:

  • Return additional field unique_session_id of type string with metadata response. Compared to existing field session_id of type google.protobuf.Timestamp, we will ensure that the new session id is unique. (#201)
  • Return additional field relevant_body_point_types with metadata response. This field describes which body points are relevant for this exercise, i.e. must be visible in the frame. (#203)



  • Internal websocket improvements !190


Critical fix:

  • Shutdown problem of gRPC connection in Java (!188)


  • Detailed documentation about session state (!186)



  • Internal performance improvements (#188)


Fixed defects:

  • Fix annotation dependency problem in Java (!184)


Key Feature Update:

  • Add session state and feedback validity to each image response (#190)


  • Add API reference for all clients (#122)

Fixed defects:

  • Fix problems with race conditions in OnReadyForSending in C# (#189)
  • Fix sourcing bug in Swift package (!181)



  • Updated getting started tutorials for authentication (!174)

Fixed defects:

  • Swift: Fix publish script in Swift (!171)
  • Fix problems when closing client in C# (#185)


Fixed defects:

  • Fix problems when closing client in Java, TS and Python (#170).
  • Allow to pass timestamps for image request in Swift (#183).


Key Feature Update:

  • The Api key that is used for authentication and customization can optionally be passed in all client libraries.
  • Released Swift packages can be downloaded on GitLab (#152).
  • Reduce Typescript package size (#175).
  • Add response time to each image and metadata response in Swift (#181)

Fixed defects:

  • Swift error handling improvements (#172).


Fixed defects:

  • Swift gRPC improvements (#168)


Key Feature Updates:

  • Add response time to each image and metadata response in the Java library (!147)

Fixed defects:


Key Feature Update:

  • Allow dependencies that are used in the Java API to also be used as transitive dependencies in Java applications.


Key Feature Updates:

  • Additional exercise information is added to protocol (#151)
  • Package feed is moved to gitlab (#138)

Fixed defects:

  • Robustness improvements in TS-Client
  • Improved error handling in Java-Client


Key feature update for gRPC protocol

  • Improve start up process in Java client #145
  • Increase robustness in python client #146


Key Feature Updates:

For all clients

  • New optional event ready for sending (#88, #148) including unit tests (#110) and follow-up improvements (#115)
  • Two images in the server - client loop (Python (#113), CSharp (#117), Typescript (#120), Java (#121), Swift (#127), Dart (#126)) including tracking sequence number for every request (#135), follow-up improvements (#128, #140, #141) and unit tests (#119)
  • Programming language of client is sent to the server (#136)

Dart/Flutter (new)

  • New client (#99) including follow-up improvements (#107, #109)


  • Fix non-deterministic tests (#104)


  • Fix client protobuf dependency error (#101)
  • Allow images to be null (#112) and resolve dependency problems


  • gRPC support (#118)

Additional updates:

  • Fix defect in building base image dockerfile (#106)
  • Enhance API docs (#98)

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